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Dangerous items such as cigarette lighters, batteries and avalanche airbags may only be transported by air under certain conditions. Here you will find the provisions and special regulations governing these items.

Cigarette lighters not allowed in baggage but allowed on person
Cigarette lighters are not permitted in your baggage. Each passenger may carry one cigarette lighter on his/her person. Wind-proof lighters must be empty.

Batteries in baggage
Spare batteries with a max. of 160 Wh and  (charging device with battery) must be secured against short circuits may be carried in hand baggage only.

Avalanche airbags
One avalanche airbag is allowed per person. The airbag's pressure cartridge must be placed in the airbag's backpack. Spare cartridges are prohibited.

Diving equipment
Diving lamps must be carried in hand baggage and with the power supply disconnected. Only empty scuba tanks are allowed.